Mary's story - how they met

It's really my granddaughter'story. Recently Jennifer Bowden and Steven Eardley were married in Dalmeny Kirk. They met at S.U. music camp at Lendrick Muir some years ago and one of the hymns included in the service was sung every evening there : Stuart Townend's version of Ps. 23

Mary Morrison 

Frances' story

Having had no church background I became a Christian through the Christian Union at my workplace and a lady there gave me a year’s subscription for Daily Bread...

Morag's story

It is now 59 years since I first heard of Scripture Union as a first year pupil in Lenzie Academy, when a prefect invited me along to the school group. I had no idea what to expect, but there was something there that kept me going! In my second year I realised for the first time that God could speak...

Peter's story

As teenagers, my friends and I were greatly impacted by SU. Many of my friends came to faith whilst at SU camps, and many of us went on to become leaders at camps.

Doreen's story

I am so grateful to SU as I became a Christian at SU camp at Aberfeldy in 1953 (64 years ago!)

Myles' story

Ah, so many memories of Scoughall in the 80's and 90's as a 'tent leader', then ACL and then Camp Leader. I met my wife (assistant cook) at S2 and our children grew up crawling around the site and being adopted by the campers as the 'camp mascots'.

Gregor's story

My earliest memory of SU is in 1983 when I was in Primary 2 at Brora Primary School and I went along to the lunchtime Scripture Union (Quest Club) every week - all because I (and every child who attended) was guaranteed a penny sweet at the end!

Alison's story

Scripture Union wasn’t the sole contributor to the development of my Christian life and witness, but it did play a big part. At my first Scripture Union camp at Aberfeldy (Dunnolly) when I was 15, I was thrilled by the beauty of nature, and especially by the trees all around us. There, the hymn, 'The Lord is King, lift up...

Alastair's story

I began going to SU Camp when I was in Primary 5. Back then, I was quite a difficult person to handle but the the leaders were exceptional. Without them I could never have managed to go and enjoy the event. As I became older, more mature and less of a difficult child, I began to take a serious interest...

Angus' story

On Monday 17th July this year, my wife Carol and friend Freda Kennedy had a day out on Arran. In the early afternoon, we found ourselves at Whiting Bay and there before us, in the field in front of the Church of Scotland, was the SU Mission in full afternoon swing. We shut our eyes for an instant and there...

John Jacob's story

The Lord chose me, loved me, through the CSSM worker for India when I was 11 years old (now I am 93) and studying in a boys boarding school in Darjeeling. He was R. T. Archibald. He would stay a week in the school and take the chapel talks. In the evenings he gave his magic lantern messages on Joseph,...

Pamela's story

Back in the mists of time, aged 13, I was enrolled in St. Christopher's, The Hall School in Beckenham, Kent. Little did I know that this was to be of lifetime value to me! For a year or so I had been making attempts to read the Bible (KJV), starting at Gen. 1:1 (where else?!). Just how long it was...

Fiona's story

Best working days of my life – 1970-1984 My first connection with Scripture Union was in the early 1960's in Chirnsyde Primary School in the north of Glasgow. I was fortunate that my SU teacher was my class teacher. Betty McKenzie would take us to the SU rallies in the Christian Institute on Bothwell Street, meeting at the school and...

Hazel's story

When was Scripture Union NOT influencing of my life? CSSM choruses, the mission at Elie, the Scripture Union group at school, my first SU camp at Aberfeldy – all part of my growing up. SU rallies were the place to be on Saturday nights once a month for Christian youth in Glasgow! Now I am a volunteer helping with catering...

Lindsay's story

I first heard of Scripture Union in 1995 when I was in Primary 7, when SU camps were advertised at the school assembly. It was that summer I found myself at my first ever camp at Blaithwaite, mainly due to a need for babysitters. I can safely say for the first few years I wasn’t remotely interested in the 'God...
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